Top 4 Investment Ideas for Students

This is an article written by Damia Zara

If you are a student and wondering whether there is a need to invest, hold on for a minute and ask yourself a few questions.

Do you want a financially secured future?

Are you ready to face the vagaries of life?

Are you sure enough to manage the expenses and other financial burdens once you start working?

Investing at an early age always helps.


Here are certain investment ideas that you can consider to shape up your future for good.

1. Interest-Earning Savings Account

It is simple and easy to put money in a savings account.

As a student, you may need to access funds, and what’s better than to have a savings account that earns interest on the balance.

This will not only fulfil your monetary needs, but will also give you an opportunity to make money out of it.

What to Do:

  • Check and compare quotes of savings accounts from various banks.
  • Open an account with a bank that gives a high rate of interest on your savings.

2. Term or Fixed Deposits

This is another convenient option for students.

One does not need a large sum of money to invest in this facility.

Most banks offer term or fixed depositsfor a nominal sum.

The interest rates for these deposits vary from bank to bank, but your funds in deposits are guaranteed.

Whatever funds you have saved, you can invest them in a fixed deposit.

Remember that once you deposit a certain amount of money, you need to wait till the maturity date to earn returns on it.

What to Do:

  • Compare quotes of various term deposits.
  • Choose a bank that offers a high-interest rate for deposits.

3. Stocks

If you have access to more funds, such as regular monetary gifts or part-time job while studying, you can think of investing in stocks.

It’s not necessary that you have to go for high-risk stocks at once.

You can put money in low-risk stocks as a starter.

As time goes, you can go for more high-yielding options.

What to Do:

  • Do extensive research on the stock market.
  • Consult friends, family, and professionals before you invest in stocks.

4. Collectables

This might sound a bit twisted, but yes, investing in collectibles can earn you decent returns.

Of course, this depends on what kind of collectibles you are investing in.

Some collectables appreciate over time, whereas some depreciate.

The key is to search out for assets that grow in value as time passes.

This could include rare wines, art pieces and antique items.

Keep in mind that you may not earn returns on these assets immediately.

Only after some time has passed, you can gain profit once the item value has increased in the market.

If you are looking for instant returns, you can buy collectables and sell them online to buyers for a profit.

What to Do:

  • Do careful research on the collectibles easily available to you.
  • Choose assets that will definitely increase in value over time.

Advantages of Investing as a Student

  • Put one-step forward towards securing your future from an early age.
  • Earn returns while you are still studying in college.
  • Use your knowledge and experience invest in more options that will yield rich profits.
  • Get over the fear of investing.
  • Investing early helps you earn more returns with time.


Invest While You Are Young

No one can say that investment is only for the rich and experienced.

As a student, you will definitely learn real-world lessons when you start investing at a young age.

It’s not necessary that the money you have put into will give immediate results.

Your take away as a young investor is the experience and knowledge; virtues that would help you immensely in the future.

Also, being financially responsible while at college will only give impetus to your growing wealth.

This practice will be quite valuable as you advance in life and your career.

For further reference on investing ideas, you can visit platforms like, and go through the articles and blogs on investment ideas and other financial solutions for a better clarity.

At the same time, you can also help your peers and friends to invest their money successfully.

It will be a win-win situation for you and for others.

So, do not delay. Use these tips and start investing now to reap maximum returns from an early age.