8 Ways to Invest in Real Estate If You Do Not Have Enough Cash

Investing in real estate can make you very rich.

Many of us would like to invest but we are short on cash.

This is not a problem anymore.

You can invest in these way with $100 straight away.

Here are 4 alternate ways to invest in real estate:


REITS are companies who owns and operate real estate.

Some REITS invest directly in properties which will earn a rental income and also management fees while others invest in mortgages and mortgage back securities.

REITs pays you dividend from the rent and property appreciation.

They are historically one of the best performing asset classes.

REITS invest in specific sector of properties such as shopping centres , hotels and resorts or hospitals.

2.Invest in Real Estate Exchange Traded Fund (REAL ESTATE ETFs)

These are exchange traded fund which invests mainly in real estate.

3.Invest in Real Estate Mutual Funds

These mutual funds invest primarily in in REIT stocks or real estate related stocks or both.

4.Invest in Real Estate Focused Companies

Invest in as many companies as you can who are in the real estate business.