7 Ways To Cut Your Expenses So That You Can Have More Money

1.Cable TV

With the advent of hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Instant Video, and Apple TV, there’s hardly a reason to splurge on a fancy DVR system or even basic cable.

2.Bank fees

Banks love to slap you with fees at the drop of a hat, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

An easy way to avoid fees is to consider using a credit union.

3.Extended warranties

Retailers push hard to sell you extended warranties- and conveniently pump up their sales figures at the same time.

Warranties can sometimes cost as much as a new or lightly used item.

4.Unnecessary smartphone data

When buying a new cell phone, pay a little bit more upfront by choosing the unlimited data and text messaging plan.

Set a three-month check-in and analyse your spending pattern to see where you can cut back.


Buying overpriced insurance for things like accidental death and diseases is an easy way to blow your funds.

Getting a good term life insurance is better in the long run.

6.Brand new cars

Used car options can save you a substantial amount of money.

New cars in my opinion are overpriced.

They lose half their value as soon as you drive them.

Check out Kelley Blue Book to get an idea of how much you should pay for a used car.

Another option is leasing a car. This is what I am doing.


Subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, and the gym can add up, and oftentimes, we don’t use them as much as we had originally planned.

Instead, try paying for things as you need them.

Instead save the money you save from these useless expenses to invest in assets or pay your debt faster.