What Covid 19 Can Teach You About Your Finances

The new coronavirus is causing havoc in the world.

More than 1 million people have been infected globally.

There is a financial crisis waiting to waiting or already has started.

Millions of peoples have lost their jobs.

Don’t despair , you can still get some financial advices out of all this.

Managing your money

Now that you are in lock down and maybe you do not have a job.

Thanks to your savings , you can start managing your money so that it can last at least three months till the crisis is over.

Use this as an opportunity to learn to manage your money for the future.

Saving money

Now that you are on lockdown , you do not need to spent that much money as you did before.

use this opportunity either to pay for debts or invest it.

Learn new skills

You can learn new skills to help you make more money.

Now that time is available , use your time wisely to learn new skills so that you make use to make more money.

It can be any skills such as investing money , new job skills that can make you more valuable in your market place.

Remember this high value skills will always be needed even during a crisis.

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