Hi , my name is John.

I would really give you a warm welcome to my personal finance  blog page.

Money is a real important aspect of our lives. If we don’t control it , it will eventually end up controlling our lives.

Let me tell you  a little story about how it all started.

It all started 8 years ago just  after I finished college. You know how it is when you are a fresh graduate you will tend to think that with a good paying job my financial situation will be good. After all , you only need a big paycheck. Not long after graduating , I manage to find a high paying job. Then things went downhill from there. Month after month , I was left after paying all my expenses with zero. Yes , you read that well, ZERO. How can someone with a high paying job remains penniless. Then I realised that the job was not at fault. Then one night , in bed , I started thinking. This can’t continue anymore. This has to stop now. I started researching on google and got my hand on any finance book that I could find. That was how my long journey towards financial freedom began.

Was it difficult? Sure.

So I decided to create this blog to help as much people as I can. The blog consists of articles mostly on my research , trial and errors. So that you don’t have to pass through the pain as I did. It will consist of articles mainly on  Personal finance.

Hope that you will enjoy my blog.

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